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Rubber scorching resistant agent

Rubber scorching resistant agent

 Sulfuration regarding agent in rubber industry

Chemical name: N-(cyclohexylthio)phthalimide

CAS No.: 17796-82-6

Molecular formula: C14H15O2NS

Molecular weight: 261.33

Structural formula:

White or light yellow crystal, solubility in acetone, benzene, methylbenzene, acetic ester, and tepid carbon tetrachloride, ethanol and heptanes, slight solubility in gasoline, insolubility in kerosene and water.

The product can be used in natural rubber and synthetic rubber, can effective prevent sizing materials from scorching during processing to ensure that the extruded matters of calendaring machines are naturally vulcanized, and simultaneously has the effect of regenerating the sizing materials which have been heated at a high temperature or have scorching risks.

Appearance: white or light yellow crystal
Melting point (℃): 88-94
Toluene insolubles (%):≤2.00
Ash content (%):≤0.50
Heating loss (5%): ≤0.50
Infrared spectrum: consistency with standard spectra

Storage: aeration-drying places, prevention from heat and moisture, stable storage performance

Packaging: 20kg three-in-one paper-plastic compound bags or packages required by customers
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