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Triphenyltin Hydroxide (TPTH)

Triphenyltin Hydroxide (TPTH)

 Chinese common name: fentin hydroxide

Chemical name: triphenyltin hydroxide

Structural formula

Molecular weight: 367

Physical & chemical properties: white and odorless powder, melting point of 118-120℃, water insolubility, solubility in most of organic solvents; industrial product purity of no less than 95%, stability at room temperature, dehydration at high temperatures, capability of mixing wettable powder with many pesticide powder, and incapability of mixing the wettable powder with liquid to prevent phytotoxicity.

Toxicity: The LD50 of TPTH when acutely taken by female & male rats is 108 mg/kg; female mice: 200 mg/kg; female guinea pig: 27.1 mg/kg; the TLm value of TPTH continuously taken by North America quails for 8 days is 38.5 mg/L (47.5% wettable powder).

Prevention & control objects and application method: Fentin hydroxide is a non-systemic fungicide, and can effectively prevent and control some fungi sensitive to copper-based fungicides. Based on the dosage of 0.25-0.30 and 0.046-0.055kg ai/na, potato early blight and late blight can be prevented and controlled. Based on the dosage of 0.055-0.066kg ai/na, rice blast can be prevented and controlled. Based on the dosage of 0.18kg ai/na, coffee berry disease can be prevented and controlled.

Specification: 95% original TPTH

Packaging: lining two layers of bag films in fiber drums, 25kg each.
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